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Hello everyone how are you? Today I shere with you Blogger Page create & Footer credit Removing.

So we start our topic.

Footer Credit Remove Code: Code Link

Privacy Policy Generator: Link

Logo Create website: Canva


Hello Everyone how are you all today I wanna share with you How To Create a Blog For Beginners, Make Money From Blogger or we can call how to create a blogger account. Ok, let’s go start the topic fast fall we go to and create an account. So how to create an account? follow Blew image.


Then click the create your blog Button. Then they want your Gmail you give them your Gmail. then we get this type of interface to follow the blew image.

When We get this type of interface then we put our blogger title. then we click the next button. Then we get this type of interface.

Now we provide our blog name that name we want then this is available then we get next button enables. Then we click the next button.

After clicking the Next button then we get this type of interface now we provide our name. Then click the Finish button.

Now we create our blog successfully this is our blogger dashboard. now we see our blog from our left side there show view blog. Then we can see our blog. Now we change our default template and import a new professional template. So sample go to the Blogger  TEMPLATES: Blogger  TEMPLATES Link

Then we chose our like template then back to blogger dashboard and click theme Follow the blew image

Then click aro then you get this

click the restore button then you get this type

then you click upload then you go to your laptop or pc file then you upload your templet

But one thing when you download your template then you get a zip file then you extract the zip file then you get an XML file you also upload an XML file here. When upload successfully then you see this type.

Now view your blog. Now we change our logo from the layout panel. This fast part waits for the next part.

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