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Make Money With Canva

How You Can Make Money With Canva and increase your income 2021. This post are publish for new freelancer thos pepole are make monew with canva.

Canva is software that serves as a graphic design tool. It is used to create spectacular posters, infographics, and designs in general; But how do you make money with Canva and increase your income?

Canva is an option that serves to edit designs and provide information, either through a brochure or image; this software is versatile, since it is found on the web and can be manipulated from a pc.

It has a user-friendly interface and easy to use. This website has various tools that will facilitate your design work, which you can share with your clients and Make money with Canva to increase your income. 

It is appropriate to know that the platform has several tutorials that facilitate its use; You will even find mini-tasks that you can perform to strengthen the use of this tool.

How can Make Money with Canva and increase your income?

First, as Canva is a graphic design tool, it can help you create more professional designs; In addition, Canva’s versatility allows inexperienced people to develop quality work.

The variety of pre-designed templates makes it easy to create designs; likewise, the user interface is considered very intuitive. Similarly, if you think you need more diversity, you can opt for the pro option that Canva has.

In general, with Canva you must create and publish attractive content, which leads to loyalty to users and attract new ones to your customer base. To achieve this, it is essential to choose the appropriate image and edit it according to the parameters of the client’s requirement. You can more make money with canva when you buy a pro account. This is canva pro account link: Get canva pro account

How to work with Canva?

Create your image and distinctive seal; This point is essential in any field of design, since you must have a logo or image that identifies you; that is, a badge that will allow users and prospects to identify your work. For this it is advisable to use charismatic backgrounds, the kind that transmit good vibes and good writing fonts.

It is essential to understand the relevance of the image, since these are decisive when transmitting a message; the image is a canvas that, well worked, will send the message assertively. Topics such as lighting can give an illustration a positive twist, you can do that with Canva.

If you need a social media layout that’s ready in a few minutes, Canva provides access to pre-designed templates. In the same way, Canva allows you to work and incorporate visual elements so that your designs have more impact on social networks.Make Money with Canva

Similarly, Canva lets you add that touch of innovation with its variety of shapes and icons. Learn to work with them and you will get unbeatable styles. You want to make money from your web site then you can go here: Make money online

Make Money With Canva

Final advice

Finally, it is important to highlight that to achieve an impact design, you must focus and highlight the relevant information to provide; you can use the rotation scale to give the impression that a movement is being executed.

And don’t forget that you can use Canva’s designs and incorporate the necessary information; Since for the design you want, be it a card or even for a social network, this tool offers many advantages. So, don’t hesitate to make money with Canva and increase your income, you won’t regret it.

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How to make money with Google Adsense 2021

How to make money with Google Adsense 2021

How much make money can you with Google AdSense? Google  Adsense pays to depend on the number of clicks you get to generate these ads and their quality. An average income for a website that gets 100 visits per day is usually € 10 per month. About € 0.1 per click.

The way to make money thanks to Google AdSense is very simple. If users click on the ads, they make money. So you don’t need to actually make a sale, with one click you’ll start monetizing your piece.

AdSense pays from 100 USD per month. What you generate in this month, AdSense pays you between 21-23 (some charge until day  28) of the following month.

The first thing you have to be clear about is that Google does not pay you an exact amount for every 1,000 visits that you manage to generate to your blog.

How To make money With Google Adsense: Passive Money

One of the main New Year’s resolutions is to work harder to have more. Or have more money without working more? Economic independence is one of the main purposes of the new year. If this is your case and you like to write and you are a fan of a niche topic. Has it occurred to you to create a blog, write about what you are passionate about and make money passive money through digital advertising? Many also think of investing in cryptocurrencies like buying bitcoins.

How to make money with Google Adsense. Google AdSense is one of the most famous and lucrative advertising programs on the internet and is a great way to start earning our first income online. As we know, Google is the most powerful search engine on the internet today, and its search service allows us to make money by placing its text ads and banners on our blogs and websites. It is possible to make money with Google Adsense.

Make Money With Google AdSense

Over the years, Make Money with Google AdSense has become a tool for making money through websites. Although there are still smart marketers who do not fully understand how it works. And as a consequence, its application does not bring the expected results.

Google AdSense is nothing more than a contextual advertising program that allows advertisers to serve ads on their website or blog. Although they can also be included in YouTube videos, for example.

The ads are generated from companies that use the Google Ads program. make money with Google Adsense.

But the important thing in this case is to go a little deeper into the subject.

It’s easy to join their program. So simple, that you only need to register and obtain the code to display your ads. To start to make money with Google Adsense, sign up and remember that:

  • Easy to install on your website.
  • It is made for beginners.
  • You only need a Gmail account

Optimizing Your SEO Will Help You Improve Income With AdSense

Assuming that you already know perfectly what SEO is and what are the main factors that Google takes into account when positioning a website, what follows is to learn what you have to do so that your page has opportunities to position up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Ok, win with Google Adsense with good SEO.

What is the fastest way to achieve better SEO results? If Google recognizes your website as an authority on a particular topic, you will get better results.

This is why authority sites always get more advantages and faster rankings compared to newer websites. But building a site of authority takes years and this is where the SILOS structure comes in. 

Structure Of Silos For SEO:

Silo’s site structure is all about organizing your website content into various categories and subcategories that help Google crawlers easily determine the relevance of each post on your blog based on your keywords (or topics).

In simpler terms, Silos are basically a way to separate your blog content into various categories.

This is one of the best examples of Silos structure:

As you can see above, the home page contains “main pages” (you can also think of these as TOP categories on your blog).

These categories are further separated into “sections” where your readers can find relevant content on a particular topic (eg WordPress). Then your sections are finally separated into Posts where you provide blog posts and content for that particular topic.

This is an example of a live Silo, which this weekend we will of course be adapting to to win with Google Adsense through a silo website architecture.

  • In the main menu arrange the main categories of your blog. In our case, for example, we will put topics according to the most searched keywords that index us: CSR, The best washing machines, socially responsible companies in the world, recycling ideas at school, sustainable development, bimbo, Cemex, individual social responsibility, etc … these will be our silos pages: RSE, RSI, ESR, RECYCLING, ODS,
  • The idea is that by clicking on those categories, you will find all the relevant articles and news related to that particular category.
    • EXPECTED OBJECTIVE: That all the Silos (categories) that are shown at the level of your website are also shown in the links of the Google site. That’s the beauty of structuring a website using Silos with relevant categories.

OW Optimize Key Ranking Factors Google

In addition to knowing how to optimize your website step by step, you have to know the main SEO problems that arise when optimizing a website and their possible solutions. Your Web Optimization goals have to be focused on achieving and improving:

  • Accessibility: Allow search engines access to our content. You have to check if the web is visible in the eyes of the search engines and above all, how they are seeing the page.
    • Robots txt file
    • Meta tag robots
    • HTTP status codes
    • Sitemap
    • Web structure
    • JavaScript and CSS
    • Web speed
  • Indexability: The first thing you have to do to know if Google has indexed your website correctly is to perform a search with the command “site:”, in this way Google will give you the approximate number of pages on our website that it has indexed. A) Yes
    • site: Knowing (more or less) the exact number of pages that your website has, this information will help you to compare the number of pages that Google has indexed with the number of real pages on your website. Three scenarios can happen:
      • The number in both cases is very similar.  It means that everything is in order.
      • The number that appears in Google search is lower, which means that Google is not indexing most of the pages.
      • The number that appears in Google search is higher, which means that your website has a duplicate content problem. Google is indexing pages that you don’t want to be indexed. Having duplicate content means that for several URLs we have the same content.  This is a very common problem, which is often unintentional and can also have negative effects on Google positioning.
  • Content: The content is the most important part of a website and even if it is well optimized at the SEO level, if it is not relevant with respect to the searches made by users, it will never appear in the first positions. make money with Google Adsense
    • To do a good analysis of the content of our website you have a few tools at your disposal, but in the end, the most useful thing is to use the page with Javascript and CSS disabled. In this way, you will see what content Google is really reading and in what order it is arranged. Why? Because JavaScript can hide part of our content and CSS can mess it up by showing it in another order than Google sees it.
  • Meta tags. Meta tags or meta tags are used to convey information to search engines about what a page is about. What you should not omit in the Meta Tag:
    • TITLE tag, which must be in the <head> </head> section of the code
    • Save each page or post with a unique title
    • Do not exceed 70 characters, otherwise, it will not appear cut off
    • It must be descriptive with respect to the content of the page.
    • It must contain the keyword for which we are optimizing the page. Make money with Google Adsense
Make Money

How To Improve SEO Positioning Win With Google AdSense. Make Money With Google Adsense

One of the reasons why you are not make money what you should be make money with AdSense is due to a lack of optimization or because your website has errors that are preventing Google from seeing you.

When you work on the SEO of a website, it is just as important to take actions to position yourself as it is to avoid making mistakes that could penalize you or harm your positioning. But keep in mind that not everything that hurts you has to be a  penalty. Sometimes there is a lot of confusion about it and there are people who think it is the same when it is not.

A  penalty  is a punishment that Google imposes on you for having done something that you should not according to the algorithms that set the rules, such as the panda, penguin, etc. A simple   SEO error is something that may be hurting you, even if it is not directly related to a specific Google algorithm.

So that you understand it better, we are going to share the most common mistakes so that you ask yourself if you are guilty or what you should avoid:

Content duplication

Google analyzes your content through the Panda algorithm  , and Panda does not like it when you fill the internet with URLs that do not provide anything original. In addition, duplicate content worsens the user experience by offering the same texts in different sections, which can be frowned upon by the user.  Duplication  of content can be with external content   or with internal content  .

External  means that you have literally copied or plagiarized texts from other websites and put them on yours.

Internal  It is when your website has many pages with the same texts, Google might consider that it is not necessary to show them all since they do not contribute anything new, and that would mean losing visibility in the search engine.

This usually happens when you have indexed pages of taxonomies, products with the same description, footers and sidebars with very wide texts, etc.

How to solve it?. In the case of internal duplicate content, modify the content that matches between pages or add more text to lower the match, unindex taxonomies, decrease the amount of text in the widget areas, unindex the pages that generate duplication if they have no relevance or potential to position.

If it is external duplicate content, that is, you have content on your site that is already on other websites, remove it immediately if the content was published before on another website. If it is the other way around, that is, if you have been plagiarized, in theory, you should not be penalized for it. However, in the event that you are not sure about it, it is better that you review it well just in case. You can see the good theme from here Top 10 New eCommerce themes for WordPress 2021

Don’t optimize CTR

CTR  is the acronym for  Click Through Rate,  or what is the same, the ratio of clicks per impressions of your search results in Google (SERPs). Today CTR is one of the most decisive SEO factors. The  percentage  of users who click on your result compared to the total impressions of it in Google is something that you must improve at all costs. But it is not always optimized as it would be convenient due to the rush or because the CTR is not given the importance it deserves.

Some of the most common mistakes when building your SERPs (Google search results boxes) are:

  • Titles that are cut off because they are too long.
  • Titles without keyword.
  •  Titles with little appearance of value and poorly written.
  •  Too much brand and commercial appearance on valuable content SERPs.
  •  Meta low-value descriptions without keywords and without breaking down the value of the content.
  •  Don’t use visual highlights like emojis and symbols.
  •  Show the date if the content is very old.
  •  Do not use rich content (rich snippets) when the theme allows it

How to solve it? If you work in WordPress like most people do, nothing better than using the SEO Yoast plugin to go to the edit box at the bottom of each page and edit the SEO title and meta description. In addition, you can put into practice persuasive copywriting techniques aimed at getting more clicks. Another interesting element that you can implement is the rating stars, with a free plugin like this one.

Slow website

How to know if your website is very slow? Analyze your domain with the GTMetrix tool, which will give you very interesting metrics, such as the  Page Speed ​​Score, (global score for performance parameters that Google considers important) or the loading speed of the site, as well as the weight of the page and the amount of external and internal requests that your website makes to function.

When can you say that the web is slow? Try not to go higher than 3 seconds at most. And from there, optimize as much as you can.

YOUTUBE: How To Create A Channel That Helps You Win With Google ADSENSE and you can make money

Find out why your number of subscribers may not matter as much as you think when it comes to YouTube monetization

On YouTube, the number of views your videos get is far more important than the number of subscribers when it comes to monetization.

Subscribers can be helpful, but they’re not “the end is everything,” so to speak.

On YouTube, the number of views your videos get is far more important than the number of subscribers when it comes to monetization.

Subscribers can be helpful, but they’re not “the end is everything,” so to speak.

Your Niche Matters. A YouTube Channel Should Target A Niche Segment And Capitalize On It

YouTube users make money when people see ads before, during, or after their videos. Advertisers can choose which videos they want to show their ads on.

However, YouTube’s advertising platform is an auction-based system. So if many advertisers want to show their ads on their videos, you are likely to make money more per view.

For example, right now, many advertisers are using YouTube ads to sell educational programs. If you created a video on “how to buy stocks for beginners”, people who have created investment programs will potentially compete to show their ads in your video.

This is why some YouTubers have a much higher “CPM” or “cost per thousand” views than others.

According to Media Shark, the average CPM on YouTube is between $ 6 and $ 8 USD. However, if you dare to develop a channel that focuses on education and “how-to” content, you can achieve a CPM of around $ 90 per thousand visits. Not bad, right?

If you want to understand which niches are the most profitable on YouTube, pay attention to the ads you see before or during the videos you watch. If you see multiple ads that sell similar products or are trying to reach a specific audience, chances are good that you can make money. creating a video that is tailored to the audience advertisers are trying to reach.

Learn YouTube SEO

Once you’ve chosen a profitable niche, the next thing you’ll want to focus on is YouTube SEO.

There are several ways that viewers who are not currently subscribers find your videos on YouTube.

  1. YouTube Search – This is where a user types a specific keyword or query into the search box on YouTube, or
  2. Video Suggestions: This is where YouTube recommends your video to people who are watching a similar video.

Both are important ways that little YouTuber can get more views on their videos.

The problem is, you have to create titles for your videos that are “SEO friendly” so that YouTube knows when your video is relevant to a specific topic that a viewer is searching for.

Discover and take advantage of the YouTube search engine for your keywords … One of the exercises I did for all my videos was to type my topic in the YouTube search bar. As you type, YouTube will show you a drop-down menu with suggestions.

These are all phrases that people search for on YouTube. If you create a video with one of these keyword phrases in the title, you’ll have a lot more luck for people searching for these topics to find it, which can lead to more views of your videos and more income.

Another exercise I did with my videos was looking for similar videos that have the most views to try to get my video recommended later.

I did this by searching for a keyword phrase and then sorting by “view count”.

Then I paid close attention to the keywords used in the title of the most viewed videos and made sure to include them (or similar phrases) in mine.

Currently 43% of my views are coming from YouTube, suggesting my video after watching a similar video. 20% of my views come from viewers who searched the topic of my video in the YouTube search bar.

QUALITY Over QUANTITY: It Is The Golden Rule To Obtain The Best Income With ADSENSE

I have always believed in quality over quantity when it comes to anything. Some YouTuber believe that you have to upload videos every day to keep the YouTube algorithm happy.

Make Money with Google AdSense But it’s hard for most people to keep up and create high-quality content.
I admit I would go a lot further on my YouTube journey if I posted every week or every few days consistently, but YouTube hasn’t punished me for not consistently uploading content.

What they have done is reward me month after month with a constant salary for creating a handful of videos in which I have invested time and effort.
Video “watch time” is critical on YouTube. If you create videos that have enough educational or entertainment value to hold viewers’ attention, YouTube will promote your content.

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